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Post by oryhsat on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:52 pm

I have a few things that i think could be improved.

Harder Jad as you only have to pray melee to kill him

Improve bank tabs as they are a little buggy

The fog shop prices are ridiculously high for everything apart from crystal key is it intentional?

Barrows every brother is really aggressive and will chase you when you run they also don`t drop anything no bones pieces nothing. (after 20 min of killing Dharrok and 3 min of Ahrim since hes unavoidable when you spawn in)

In dungeoneering it seems like it gives you half the tokens it says. like it said i got 14k tokens but actually gained 7k. Also they do not update in the quest journal instantly only when you log out.

Penguins sometimes do not give drops and make them harder to kill. ( more hp or attack you)

Also just a but of my runescape ocd but when you kill enemies they drop things instantly and it does not wait for the death animation to finish.



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